Chief Deputy Director

Chief Deputy Director | Human ResourcesInformation Technology | Training | Project Management Office

Chief Deputy Director 

Mission Statement:
"To provide professional and efficient support to ACC management developing/improving training, special programs, information technology, and resources; policy consistent with the agency mission; research, program assessment/evaluation; comprehensive human resources and payroll services, accreditation, and effectice field treatment services."

Goals & Functions:

  1. To facilitate and coordinate maintenance of American Correctional Association Accreditation.
  2. To meet the needs of staff through training, policy development and administration of employee pay and benefits.
  3. To assist with the development and evaluation of agency programs (through recidivism and other studies, pilot programs & research) to facilitate/appropriate outcome and "best practices" in corrections programming.
  4. To develop state-of-art technology systems. The Information Technology Plan, including facilitating electronic Offender Management Information System (eOMIS).
  5. To plan and manage outpatient treatment services for parolees and probationers with substance abuse issues.
Staff Title
Kevin Murphy Chief Deputy Director

Human Resources

The activities performed by Human Resources are designed to support the mission of the agency and provide assistance that will enable employees to perform their job duties and responsibilities. Human Resources is committed to providing services that are in compliance with State and federal guidelines and provide equal employment opportunities.

Staff Title
Human Resources Administrator
Greg Murray Assistant Administrator

Information Technology

The Information Technology staff develops, supports and maintains the technology tools which assist the Department in all aspects of its operations. These strategic assets enable employees to operate more effectively and efficiently as they carry out ACC’s mission and achieve its objectives.

The IT section implements new technology as needed to keep the Department’s IT infrastructure current, and is playing an active role in Integrated Justice Information Systems initiatives at the State and national level.

Staff Title
Vacant Information Technology Administrator


The Central Training Section is responsible for planning, scheduling, coordinating/conducting all basic training academies for Residential Services, Parole/Probation Services and for other administrative staff. In addition, CTS conducts other regularly scheduled training classes such as the Supervisor Training course, Instructor Development Course, Firearms Instructor Course, ROPES Instructor Course, and the Basic Admin Class. CTS is also responsible for maintaining all employee training records, lesson plans, etc. CTS conducts annual in service training of employees agency wide.

The Central Training Section is located at:

Southeast Arkansas Community Corrections Center
7301 West 13th Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71602 
Phone: 870.879.5811
Fax: 870.879.2326

Staff Title
TyJunia Clark Correctional Training Administrator

Project Management Office


  • Research and evaluation of programs operated by the agency including recidivism studies, performance measures and other studies on special programs, and monthly data regarding operations;
  • Coordination and management of the American Correctional Association accreditation process for all residential centers, probation and parole offices, and central office;
  • Development of grants, special funding requests, and new programs for offenders; and
  • Managements of the policy and procedures development process that reflects the agency’s operational mission and that adheres to the expectations and direction of the Board of Corrections, accreditation and state and federal statutes.
  • Business Systems Analysis: Analyze the business needs of ACC internal clients to help identify business problems and propose solutions. Serve as a liaison between the business side of the agency and the providers of services to the agency; 
  • Project Management: Plan, organize and manage resources to bring about successful completion of specific project goals and objectives; and summarize and make presentations to groups as requested. Develop cost analysis, implement time lines and conduct feasibility studies to successful functioning of implemented procedures and systems;
Staff Title
Vacant Planning and Management Services Administrator
Janet Jackson Project Manager