Chief Deputy Director

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Chief Deputy Director - Kevin Murphy

The Chief Deputy Director is responsible for the oversight of Community Correction Centers and Technical Violator Programs including treatment services for residents as well as parolees and probationers.  This position also coordinates the administration of services and programs aimed at successful transition of offenders from incarceration to community living.

In support of all ACC operations, the Chief Deputy Director is responsible for information technology, grants, evaluation and research of agency programs through studies of program outcomes and performance indicators.

Assistant Director Treatment Services – Ben Udochi

The Assistant Director Treatment Services (ADTS) oversees implementation and management of treatment programs.  The ADTS facilitates quality and ethical operations through the use of evidence-based practices, hiring, training, and supervision of qualified treatment staff, and the proper interpretation of agency policies in daily operations.

Treatment Services provides substance abuse/mental health screening and makes treatment referrals as appropriate. They address addiction and recovery related topics in group and individual sessions, provide substance abuse specific counseling, life skills services including referrals for GED and manage the Day Reporting Centers.

Staff Title
Randy Nielsen
CCS Assistant Treatment Program Manager North West
Cassandra Davis CCS Assistant Treatment Program Manager North Central
Angela Harness CCS Assistant Treatment Program Manager South Central
Joby Rousseau CCS Assistant Treatment Program Manager East Central
Jodi Howard CCS Assistant Treatment Program Manager South East
Marvin Eady
CCS Assistant Treatment Program Manager Central

IT Administrator - Vacant

Information Technology

The Information Technology staff develops, supports, and maintains the technology tools which assist ACC in all aspects of its operations. These strategic assets enable employees to operate more effectively and efficiently as they carry out ACC’s mission and achieve its objectives.

This section implements new technology as needed to keep the Department’s IT infrastructure current, and plays an active role in Integrated Justice Information Systems initiatives at the State and national level.
Staff Title
Albert Williams
Systems Administrator/ IT Assistant Manager

Research and Planning Administrator - Vacant


The Research and Planning section conducts research and evaluation of programs operated by the agency including recidivism studies, performance measures and other studies on special programs, and monthly reports regarding agency operations.  This section also analyzes the business needs of ACC internal clients to help identify business problems and propose solutions. They also serve as a liaison between the business side of the agency and the providers of services to the agency.  Research and Planning also develops cost analysis, implementation timelines, and conducts feasibility studies of proposed systems and legislation.
This section is also responsible for the management and facilitation of the electronic Offender Management Information System (eOMIS) which is the data bank for all information within the ACC.

Staff Title
Nicholas Stewart Information Systems Coordinator
Carolyn Evans Research and Evaluation Administrator

Grants Administrator - Vacant


The Grants administrator is responsible for the development of grant proposals, special funding requests, and the acquisition of state and federal funding for new programs for offenders.  In addition, this position develops reporting systems to monitor the program effectiveness and ensure the grant programs are in compliance with state and federal regulations.
Staff Title
Vacant Grants Analyst

Assistant Director Re-Entry – Carrie Williams

The Re-entry section assist parolees and probationers reintegrating into their communities and families from incarceration.  They work with organizations within the community to assist with mentoring, continued education, job services, training, and placement.

The staff is also responsible for the arrangement and inspection of locations for use as transitional housing facilities for offenders who have been transferred or paroled from ACC or have been placed on probation by the courts. This section is also responsible for the enlistment of volunteers within the community, who, without compensation, provide services to ACC.

Staff Title
Patricia Sims
Reentry Manager
Tena Hauk Mentoring Coordinator
Paula Evans Employment/Volunteer Coordinator
Richard Guy  

Deputy Director Residential Services -  Jerry Bradshaw

Mission Statement:
To return residents to the community and the workplace as productive, accountable and employable individuals, by providing tools to help offenders develop alternative lifestyles to crime, through training in life skills, chemical-free living, vocational and other job skills training.

The Residential Services Staff manage and operate regional community-based, residential correctional programs designed to address issues surrounding the behavior, which resulted in confinement or incarceration. These multipurpose, minimum-security facilities encompass community service, discipline, behavior modification and various other self-improvement services.
This position also oversees the coordination and management of the American Correctional Association accreditation process for all residential centers.

Staff Title
Myra Woolfolk
Assistant Director Residential Treatment
Jimmie Zimmerman
Center Supervisor Central Arkansas
Phyllis Silas Center Supervisor Southeast Arkansas
Jerry Campbell Center Supervisor Southwest Arkansas
Dave Johnson Center Supervisor Northeast Arkansas
Maggie Capel Center Supervisor Northwest Arkansas
Kathy Brown
Center Supervisor Malvern Technical Violator Program
Residential Visitation and Center Locations