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Deputy Director - Parole and Probation

Deputy Director-Parole/Probation – Elizabeth Taylor (501-682-9588)

Mission Statement: To provide community supervision that promotes public safety, provides restitution to victims and rehabilitates the offenders into productive members of the community.

The primary function of the Parole & Probation Services is community supervision, caseload management, enforcement of supervision conditions and local resource development. Parole & Probation Officers gather information, assess offenders' risks and needs and address them appropriately through counseling, referral and the violation process.

Staff Title Phone Number
Nicholas Stewart Assistant Director of Parole/Probation 501-515-1881
Cindy Richardson Assistant Director of Parole/Probation 501-682-9588
Jim Cheek Assistant Director of Parole/Probation 501-837-3020


Assistant Director Treatment Services – Ben Udochi (501-371-1076)

The Assistant Director Treatment Services (ADTS) oversees implementation and management of treatment programs.  The ADTS facilitates quality and ethical operations through the use of evidence-based practices, hiring, training, and supervision of qualified treatment staff, and the proper interpretation of agency policies in daily operations.

Treatment Services provides substance abuse/mental health screening and makes treatment referrals as appropriate. They address addiction and recovery related topics in group and individual sessions, provide substance abuse specific counseling, and life skills services including referrals for GED.

Staff Title Phone Number
Gregory Marshall Clinical Supervisor North West 479-629-3807
Cassandra Davis Clinical Supervisor North Central 870-321-1389
Joby Rousseau Clinical Supervisor North East 870-450-0868
Jodi Howard Clinical Supervisor West Central 501-690-4057
Margaret Linker Clinical Supervisor Central 501-605-4062
Perry Malone Clinical Supervisor West 479-629-3690
Angela Harness Clinical Supervisor South West 501-520-9218
Charles Higgins Clinical Supervisor South East 501-308-2641


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