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Deputy Directors

Deputy Director-Parole/Probation – Jerry Bradshaw (501-682-9588)

Mission Statement: To provide community supervision that promotes public safety, provides restitution to victims and rehabilitates the offenders into productive members of the community.

The primary function of the Parole & Probation Services is community supervision, caseload management, enforcement of supervision conditions and local resource development. Parole & Probation Officers gather information, assess offenders' risks and needs and address them appropriately through counseling, referral and the   violation process.

Staff Title Phone Number
Nicholas Stewart Assistant Director of Parole/Probation  501-515-1881
Cindy Richardson Assistant Director of Parole/Probation  501-682-9588
Elizabeth Taylor Assistant Director of Parole/Probation  501-682-9588


 Deputy Director Residential Services -  James T. Banks (501-682-9577)

Community Correction CentersSupervision Sanction Center | Residential Drug Treatment Program

Mission Statement: To return residents to the community and the workplace as productive, accountable and employable individuals, by providing tools to help offenders develop alternative lifestyles to crime, through training in life skills, chemical-free living, vocational and other job skills training.

The Residential Services Staff manage and operate regional community-based, residential correctional programs designed to address issues surrounding the behavior, which resulted in confinement or incarceration. These multipurpose, minimum-security facilities encompass community service, discipline, behavior modification and various other self-improvement services.

This position also oversees the coordination and management of the American Correctional Association accreditation process for all residential centers.

Staff Title Phone Number 
Michael Fletcher Assistant Director Residential Treatment  501-682-9510
Don Rissinger Center Administrator Central Arkansas  501-686-9800
Phyllis Silas Center Administrator East Central Arkansas  870-400-3101
Tina Maxwell Center Administrator Southwest Arkansas  870-779-2137
Terry Mapes Center Administrator Northeast Arkansas  870-563-8330
Gary Tabor Center Administrator Northwest Arkansas  479-695-3400
Antwon Emsweller Center Administrator Omega Supervision Sanction Center  501-467-3030
Stephanie Redus Victim Coordinator  501-682-9577
Sherry Enderle RCF Referrals  501-682-9563

Residential Visitation and Center Locations



Deputy Director Administrative Services – Vacant

HR | Training | Accounting | Budget | Inventory & Banking | Procurement | Fee Collection

The Administrative Services Staff is responsible for fiscal operations of the agency, which includes planning and development of the budget, accounts receivable and payable, purchasing and inventory management, expenditure tracking, vehicle maintenance, and economic sanctions collections.

Human Resources

Functions: The activities performed by Human Resources are designed to support the mission of the agency and provide assistance that will enable employees to perform their job duties and responsibilities. Human Resources is committed to providing services that are in compliance with State and federal guidelines and provide equal employment opportunities.


The Central Training Section (CTS) is responsible for planning, scheduling, coordinating/conducting basic training academies for Residential Services, Parole/Probation Services and various other ACC staff. In addition, CTS conducts regularly scheduled training classes such as the Supervisor Training course, Instructor Development Course, Firearms Instructor Course, ROPES Instructor Course, and the Leadership Course, CPR and First Aid, Defensive Tactics, etc. CTS is also responsible for maintaining all employee training records, lesson plans, etc. CTS conducts annual in service training of employees agency wide.

The Central Training Section is located at:
Southeast Arkansas Community Corrections Center

7301 West 13th Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71602  
Phone: 870.850.2828
Fax: 870.879.1513


The Grievance section represents the agency in grievance hearings, both at the internal and state level.


The Accounting Section is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, administration of Federal grants and maintenance of general and subsidiary ledgers. This section manages all financial functions in accordance with generally accepted principles of government accounting and various Arkansas Statutes and Codes.


The Budget Section prepares annual and biennial budgets, required financial reports, analysis, and monitors agency expenditures.

Inventory & Banking

The Inventory Section is responsible for the monitoring and maintaining of the AASIS asset database, which includes creating and disposing of assets within AASIS.

Banking is responsible for reconciling and monitoring of all agency bank accounts.


Procurement is responsible for the procurement of all goods and services for ACC. The procurement division manages all of ACC’s processes and procedures in accordance with Arkansas State Procurement Laws and Regulations.

Fee Collection

The Fee Collection section is responsible for processing fees that ACC is authorized to collect through the Courts or Parole Board (PB). The fees including Probation, Parole, Restitution, Supervision and Drug Court must be paid either by money order or made payable to ACC on-line by Debit or Credit Card via the ACC Electronic Fee Payment System managed by Information Network of Arkansas (INA).

Staff Title  Phone Number
Sonia Wallace Human Resources  501-563-4144
Tyjunia Clark Training  870-850-2863
Vacant Accounting  501-683-1245
Vacant Procurement  501-529-5392
Latreasa Mullins Budget Administrator  501-529-5392
Sherry Jones Fee Collection  501-682-9545


Deputy Director Communications and Public Affairs – Dina Tyler (501-682-9510)

The Communication and Public Affairs staff works closely with the Director to advise on public affairs issues that affect the agency. Serving as the liaison between the public and the agency, this position is responsible for developing and designing presentations for the agency, as well as creating the agency public affairs program and publishing the agency reports and newsletters. If you wish to contact us, please send your email to Public Relations or call 501.682.9593.

This position also manages the policy and procedures development process that reflects the agency’s operational mission and that adheres to the expectations and direction of the Board of Corrections, accreditation and state and federal statutes.

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