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Video visitation offers a new, convenient way for residents to visit with their families, friends, or legal representative face-to-face via a home computer, smart phone or tablet.  Video visitation removes time, distance, and other barriers associated with a visit to a correctional facility allowing a visit to occur at more convenient times.

Generally, the 25 cents per minute video visitation cost is less expensive than making a collect telephone call from the corrections facility.  There is no minimum call length and no connection fees involved with video visitation.  Video messaging, available for an additional fee, allows a recorded message to be viewed when face time is not possible.

Visits are requested by the visitor.  Facility kiosks notify the resident that a visit has been requested.  The resident then initiates the visit at his or her convenience.  All calls, with the exception of legal representatives, are recorded for security purposes.

The video visitation service provider offers one-on-one support 7 days a week, 365 days a year and utilizes PayPal for all payment processing.  PayPal, in turn, allows for convenient deposit by credit, debit, or pre-paid card.

Support hours of operation are:

Bilingual support for Spanish-speaking visitors is available on Saturday and Sunday.

To sign up or get more information visit or call 1-844-394-6639.



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